Truth about cloud security

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The cloud is much more secure than it seems, with 85% of businesses having a multi-cloud strategy trusting these services with their own and their clients most sensitive data.

Understandably people are cautious about putting business’s and clients’ data on the internet, as essentially it is a publicly accessible network. Business-class cloud services are working around this limitation with encryption as 60% of businesses believe it is the best way to secure data in the cloud.

Cloud security concerns

  • 84% of businesses aren’t happy with traditional security tools when it comes to safe guarding the cloud
  • 51% said they are emphasising policies
  • 49% indicated they are focusing on visibility

The cloud has matured to a place where traditional data protection is only a part of the solution.

Moving past passwords

  • 66% of workers said they are using methods beyond just passwords to keep data safe
  • 91% of security professionals think passwords will be a thing of the past within a decade

User authentication can be a cloud security problem, but modern apps are giving more options making it easier to keep data safe without trying to remember dozens of passwords. A single cloud service means remembering a single set of credentials.

Authentication options

Cloud security has evolved to give you more options than ever when it comes to protecting personal credentials, popular tools include:

  • Fingerprinting scanning: 28% of smartphones have fingerprint scanners. Simple biometrics enables multiple points for authentication without sacrificing convenience
  • Single sign-on: Identity and access management tools allow complex passwords or multiple authentication methods without irritation. Many cloud apps and services are building single sign-on functions into their systems

Moving confidently into the cloud

Many cloud service providers have more resources than your business when it comes to security which makes it’s an essential part and key reason to take advantage of the cloud.

User authentication is also evolving as more businesses ramp up cloud deployment. This leaves visibility and policy compliance as important issues, and those are problems that individual apps can handle for you.

Cloud technology has officially evolved to become significantly more secure than other solutions, including on premise. With that in mind, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is protected and focus more on the work that matters.