Great interview technique – the way to get hired

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When you are contracting your frequency of interviews will be much higher than those of permanent staff due to the number of different places you are likely to work. You need to continually sell yourself in interviews and get the roles that you want. Here are some tips.

What is the client looking for?

The interviewer will be looking at the following aspects:

Likeability: Do I like this person? Will they fit into the culture within the organisation?

Skills: Does this person have the relevant skills and experience for the role? Do they have additional skills that would come in useful? Do they follow the industry and keep up with the latest advancements?

Initiative: Is this person proactive, able to work alone and use their initiative?

Motivation: Are they a happy and keen person or a ‘merchant of doom’?

Communication skills: Can they communicate well with others? Do they ask if they don’t understand something or try and pretend that they understand perfectly?

Ability to listen and understand: Can they listen and understand problems?

Commercial awareness: Are they commercially aware or have no understanding of cost versus benefit and business goals?

Has interest in company: Do they know anything about our company?

Interview preparation

If you get collected from reception by the interviewer, then your interview has in fact already started before you’ve got into the interview room. By making casual conversation on the way you get the chance to tick ‘Likeability’ and ‘Has Interest in Company’.

An ideal interview structure

An ideal interview has 4 basic sections:

  • Chat about company
  • Discuss and understand needs
  • Sell your solution
  • Close

This might look like the sections of a sales meeting and it is identical. The whole purpose of an interview is for you to sell yourself to the client.